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Bolin League Stadiums

Name: Otter Park

Location: Brook Park

Description: Otter Park was originally named Ryan and Kyle Field and was purchased by the Bolin League before the 2018 season. Otter Park is a wide open field with very fair dimensions. The center field fence is located exactly 100 yards from home plate at Deckside Stadium. Otter Park is a multi-use facility with space to play football and an outdoor basketball court. It has state of the art facilities and a scenic walk as fans enter the stadium, which includes wooden pathways, pagoda structures, and a fish pond.

Seating Capacity: 20 (Box Seats, Suites)


LF 68
LC 75
CF 90
RC 70
RF 58
Deepest Part 90 (Straight away CF)

Orientation: South to North

Gates: Driveway Gate, Front Gate, Pond Gate, Home Plate Gate, Right Field Gate, Left Center Gate

Owner- Bobby Bolin and Megan Lowes
Outdooor Facility Manager- Bobby Bolin
Indoor Facility Manager- Megan Lowes
Head of Concessions- TBA