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1. Deckside Stadium is the only known stadium in baseball to have delays of game due to freight trains.

2. A tornado was once spotted above Deckside Stadium. No confirmation has been recorded due to the tornado-spotters running in the house scared to death.

3. The last current MLB team to join the league was the San Diego Padres, in 2013. There are currently 10 former MLB teams in the league.

4. Three numbers are retired at Bolin Field. Paul Molitor- Texas #4, Kevin Seitzer- Milwaukee #20, and Craig Biggio- St. Louis #7.

5. At one point the Milwaukee Brewers had 45 players on their roster, including 6 catchers.

6. The teams who have only had only one owner: Arizona Diamondbacks (Nick Castenir), Houston Astros (Mike Jones), Miami Marlins (Dave Jones), Milwaukee Brewers (Bobby Bolin), St. Louis Cardinals (Devin Cunningham), Tampa Bay Rays (Brian Bolin), Toronto Blue Jays (Bridget Link).

7. The name of the Bolin League originated because all of the founding teams' owners had the last name Bolin. The current commissioner is trying to dispel rumors that he named it after himself.

8. Eric Schneider, Frank Ciacchi, Gina Ciacchi are the only Bolin League owners prior to 2013 to have never played a game.

9. A tornado actually did strike Bolin Field in 1995, seriously damaging much of the property.

10. Bridget Bolin is the only female Bolin League Champion. (For a list of past champions click here)

11. The trees at Deckside Stadium have robbed more home runs than the Green Monster in Boston.

12. Bolin Field's dimensions decrease toward center field.

13. Barry Bonds has never hit a splash ball at Deckside Stadium.

14. At least 1/3 of the balls used for the Bolin League get run over by cars or eaten by dogs.

15. A foul ball at Bolin Field once rolled 750 feet on a windy day.

16. No home run at Deckside Stadium has ever reached Michael Drive on a fly. Several balls have completely crossed Franklyn Blvd. at Bolin Field.

17. The Florida/Miami Marlins have won the most Bolin League Championships with the Atlanta Braves second.

18. Bolin League games have been played in West Virginia and Maryland.

19. The San Francisco Giants (Nate Ulman) scored 32 runs in one inning, a Bolin League Record.

21. One year, a pigeon watched over Bolin League games at Bolin Field. After a close encounter with a foul ball the bird was never seen again.

22. More balls have disappeared during games at Bolin Field than hot dogs in the presence of Kobiyashi or Joey Chestnut.

23. Brook Park Law Director Neil Jamison once made a guest appearance at a Bolin League game (Jamison was unaware of this at the time.)

24. Jose Lima of the Houston Astros holds the Bolin League record for most ejections in a career.

25. There is currently one officially christened Bolin League ball floating in the Gulf of Mexico.

26. The Bolin League Minor Leagues at one time consisted of 6 teams, 2 owned by former Bolin League owners.

27. The Bolin League is a non-profit organization, although a profit would not necessarily be a bad thing.

28. There is no number 20 in this list.

29. There is a Facebook page dedicated to the Bolin League but Wikipedia denied a request to add a Bolin League page because it is considered a "cult."

30. Only one ball has traveled over the second fence in right field at Deckside Stadium. It was not hit by a Marlins batter.

31. The only teams that have never actually played a game are the Milwaukee Braves and the Seattle Pilots

32. Searching "bolin league" on Google actually produces results.

33. The Arizona Diamondbacks, managed by Nick Castenir, once gave up a home run on a line drive that ricocheted off the pitcher's head.

34. There used to be a pile of garbage at Bolin Field that was dubbed "Dead Man's Corner" and the ball was live if it got lost in there.

35. Bolin Field has set a world record for the most ever different species of animal to attend an organized one on one wiffle ball game in the Northern Hemisphere between the months of February and December.

36. At one point there was a Bolin Basketball League that was played in the offseason. However, after trying to play games in Ohio in December-February it was determined that it was a bad idea.

37. There is only one owner to have only played one game, then left the league: Mark Armbruster (Detroit Tigers in 2014).