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Bolin League Stadiums

Name: Bolin Field

Location: Brook Park

Description: Bolin Field is the oldest stadium in the league and features aspects of all the current and famous MLB Stadiums, including ivy (Wrigley Field), archways (Busch Stadium), tall fences (Fenway Park), a slide (Miller Park), and many others. The field is also designed in a much more narrow frame than the other league stadiums, making the dimensions get shorter as toward center field. The wind consistently will be coming across the field from the west and will sometimes vary whether it blows slightly in or slightly out. Bolin Field was the first league stadium to offer lights for night games. Wildlife, including squirrels, deer, frogs, chipmunks, and several species of birds make their home in or near Bolin Field's hallowed grounds.

Seating Capacity: 22 (Lower Box, Parkside, Bleachers, Patio, Cunningham Suite, Quincy Perch, Club Seats)


LF 59
LC 56
CF 56
RC 57
RF 58
Deepest Part 60 (Straight away right field just next to the archway)

Orientation: North to South

Gates: Driveway Gate, Front Gate, Arch Gate, Back Gate

Owner- Robert Bolin
Outdoor Facility Manager- Ryan Bolin
Indoor Facility Manager- Beverly Cunningham
Head of Concessions- Barbara Bolin