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Bolin League Stadiums

Name: Wilson Field at Polar Pop Park

Location: Medina

Description: Wilson Field went over an extreme makeover in 2014, which was a massive undertaking. The field was completely rotated and many of the fences were shortened while a couple were lengthened. The result is a beautiful stadium on top of a cliff in the rolling hills of Medina County. Despite being on a hilltop, the surrounding woods typically repel the winds and make Wilson Field a very fair park to hitters and pitchers alike. The stadium features the best pitcher's mound in the league and the only artificial turf batter's boxes. It also offers spectacular views of nearby scenery.

Seating Capacity: 12 (Club Seats, Bleachers, Lower Bowl)


LF 55
LC 60
CF 61
RC 56
RF 49
Deepest Part 69 (In left center field where the fence meets the woods)

Orientation: Southeast to Northwest

Gates: Driveway Gate, Front Gate, Cliff Gate

Owner- The Wilson Family
Outdoor Facility Manager- Steven Wilson
Indoor Facility Manager- Mary Chester
Director of Baseball Operations- Dane Chester
Architectural Engineer- Austin Steinbrenner