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Bolin League Stadiums

Name: Deckside Stadium

Location: Brook Park

Description: Deckside Stadium is a converted football venue. It was redesigned for baseball in the mid-1990s and was renovated to its current layout in 1998. Running along a single railroad line, the stadium features a peaked left field fence, a high railing from left center field to center field, and a chain link fence from center field to right field. The right field line is lined by tall oak trees and a lone pear tree that has been on the property for decades. The wind direction in the field generally is either blowing straight in from center field or straight out from home plate toward right field. The train tracks act as a wind tunnel and the wind generally will have a large impact on the type of game being played. The stadium became fully enclosed during the 2002 season. Deckside Stadium also features the league's only operational swimming pool facility.

Seating Capacity: 20 (Deck Reserved, Lower Treeline, Lower Reserved)


LF 56
LC 61
CF 62
RC 59
RF 55
Deepest Part 75 (Right center field where the deck meets the chain link fence

Orientation: South to North

Gates: Driveway Gate, Front Gate, Garden Gate, Trampoline Gate, Corner Gate

Owner- Richard DiMichele
Outdooor Facility Manager- Richard DiMichele
Indoor Facility Manager- Peg DiMichele
Head of Concessions- Peg DiMichele